Dangers of Coyotes to Your Pets

During the past few years, there has been an increasing report about wildlife creatures posing dangers to our pets. You don’t want to face the possible tragedy that may unfold once a hungry coyote stumbled upon your unattended dog or cat. Nonetheless, you are probably wondering about the frequency of this attack and the things that you can do to keep your pets away from the dangers of the coyote.

The Threats of Miami Coyotes to Your Pets
The Coyotes used to dwell on wild areas but as urbanization force them out of their natural habitat, they have no option but to invade the residential communities. Coyotes, with its amazing adaptability skill, can now be found in different areas of the nation. This is perhaps the reason behind the increasing number of coyote’s attack.

They Will Kill Your Pets
The Florida coyotes on the urban areas are known for their formidable and fierce reputation. Once the night approaches, be sure to keep your pets indoors since they will be stalking them and will kill them should they find the opportunity to do so. However, the real numbers of the attack are inconsistent since it will be quite difficult to identify the coyote attack based on your pet’s injuries. While there have been instances when the attack of the coyote resulted into a horrifying death of a beloved pet, you will be amazed to know that the coyotes are known for their shy behavior.

Coyotes abhor to live in a place where there is an active human presence. Nonetheless, they will still choose to visit your property if this provides them an easy access to food. They are omnivores creatures and will prefer to eat smaller mammals such as squirrels, rodents, and rabbits. They will also add some berries and insects on their diet.

How to Keep Your Pets Safe from the Attack of the Coyote
Your dog is a territorial creature. Understand that it will be easily drawn to the coyote once it invaded its territory. In addition, there are also reports that a dog will be attracted to the coyote. This is true since these two species are genetically alike to the point that they have the capability to interbreed. In order to prevent them from frequenting your yard, you need to avoid feeding them. You should also not leave the pets unattended. When taking your dogs on a walk, be sure that they will be on a leash. Avoid feeding your pets outside. The sweet scent of the pet food can attract the interest of the wildlife creatures.

Finally, you should be extra mindful during the breeding season of the coyote since they tend to become aggressive. In addition, they will also be protective of their young ones once the nesting season comes. Create a yard that is less-appealing to them to prevent them from establishing their nesting ground within your property. On the off chance that the coyote is already within your premises, keep your pets and kids away from them while waiting for the coyote removal expert to arrive.

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