The Legalities on Trapping Wild Animals

Whether it is legal to trap a wild animal or not will depend upon the type of species and the place where you are performing the control method. It is recommended to call the help of your local wildlife authority to be familiar on the existing policy to avoid any legal repercussions. In this article, we will highlight some of the standard regulations. This is simply meant to provide you a general information. The local and municipality rules may still vary.

Trapping Small Miami Mammals
The small mammals will include the fox squirrels, gray squirrels, mink, grey fox, red fox, beavers, opossums, raccoons, and the skunks. Based on the standard rule, any landowner or tenant can trap these species without carrying the necessary permit if the trapping will be conducted in the property that he/she owns or rents under certain conditions. For instance, if these small Miami mammals are causing damages on the property or if poses safety and health risks.

In addition, the tenant or the landowner have the rights to designate or employ the service of another party. However, there are also certain conditions to do this. The person conducting the removal process on another property should carry the necessary permit and licenses. The landowner should also provide a written consent directed to the person that is removing the wild animal. The person is also responsible for releasing or euthanizing the said animal within 24 hours upon capture. Releasing of the animal should be done in the county where it was captured. The landowner is also asked to provide permissions for releasing the animal. The captured animals cannot be traded, sold, gifted, or bartered.

Trapping Rabbits
For trapping the rabbit, you will have to carry the permit that is provided by the NDR. Another possible way to trap them is during the rabbit hunting season. Nonetheless, you should only use the methods that are deemed legal during this season. Cage traps combined with an appropriate bait is an excellent method to capture the rabbit.

Trapping Florida birds is a little complicated since most of them are protected under the federal law. Some of the animal that you can trap without permit includes crows, common grackles, pigeons, red-winged blackbirds, etc. They should only be trapped if they will commit depredation or if they pose major health risks. For people that are planning to use firearm against these creatures, be sure to check the local ordinances.

In order to obtain the necessary permit, you will have to fill-up the online form. After this, you will be requested to complete a seminar and pass the exam. You will then be given a trapping device that bears a number, your name, and contact information. You are only allowed to trap an exact number of wild animals which will be stated on the instruction. After completing the trapping method, you will have to surrender the trap and file a report. As we’ve mentioned above, the rules and regulations in your municipality can vary so it is still best to clarify it with the wildlife center.

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